Welcome to Luau’s technology workspace. We’re incredibly proud of the tools and technologies we’ve crafted to deliver the finest gaming experiences to our players. With an innovative suite of proprietary tools, AI-powered solutions, and an industry-leading back end platform, Luau is leading the charge in the realm of game development.

Match-3 Level Editor
The heart of our match-3 game production lies in our Level Editor. Years of refinement and optimization have made this editor an unparalleled tool in the industry. It’s the veritable Pandora’s box of creativity for our designers, giving them the power to effortlessly create complex, captivating, and engaging levels. With intuitive design capabilities and unmatched efficiency, we’re proud to say it’s probably the best in the industry.

Story Editor
Narratives are the backbone of a compelling gaming experience. Our Story Editor helps us weave intricate, immersive stories that captivate players and keeps them engaged for longer. Its advanced capabilities simplify the process of plot development, character building, and dialogue crafting, allowing our writers to focus on what they do best: creating compelling narratives.

Backend Platform
Our robust Backend Platform is the workhorse behind our seamless online experiences. Its scalability, reliability, and security ensure a seamless user experience. This platform can effectively handles millions of players across the globe, promising an uninterrupted, lag-free gaming journey. It’s the unsung hero that quietly powers every interaction, every win, every exhilarating moment of gameplay.

Live Ops Manager Platform
Staying reactive to the player community is key in today’s dynamic gaming landscape. Our Live Ops Manager Platform empowers us to swiftly respond to player feedback, adjust gameplay, and introduce new content in real-time. This ensures our games stay fresh, exciting, and continually improving, keeping players engaged and satisfied.

AI-Powered Tools
Luau’s commitment to harnessing cutting-edge technology is evident in our AI-Powered Tools. These tools serve as invaluable allies in refining and streamlining our game development and support process.

Monkey Test
Our Monkey Test is a highly intelligent tool that simulates a wide range of player behaviors, stress tests, and edge case scenarios to ensure our games are foolproof and enjoyable. It finds bugs, glitches, and gameplay bottlenecks that could impact the player experience, helping us keep our games polished and perfect. It is also kind of spooky as it looks like we have a room full of ghosts playing our game.

Player Support
Our AI-Powered Player Support ensures that every player query is answered promptly and effectively. By learning from millions of player interactions, this system provides precise, empathetic responses that help players swiftly resolve their queries and get back to their game.

Breaking language barriers is key to delivering a truly global gaming experience. Our AI-Powered Translation tool seamlessly translates game content into multiple languages, ensuring our stories resonate with players, regardless of their native tongue.

At Luau, we’re continually pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in game development. Our advanced, comprehensive technological setup gives us the edge to create captivating, immersive gaming experiences that players love. Welcome to the future of gaming. Welcome to Luau.

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